Mazars ruling reversal

As of 2 November 2018, businesses operating in a multiple company building within Eastbourne and Lewes district are able to seek possible rebates on their business rates going back as far as 2010. This is following the repeal of the so-called ‘staircase tax’.

Under the old  legislation, assessments were carried out for each occupied floor, so long as the floors were separated by communal spaces such as staircases, corridors or elevators.

As a result some companies were unable to apply for Small business rate relief. From November 2018 companies where offices are physically connected, (by any wall, ceiling or floor) will be assessed as one hereditament.  

If you believe your businesses assessment has been affected please contact the Valuation Office Agency*` to review your Rateable Value on 03000 501 501. Upon reassessment, you will receive notification from the Valuation Office who will then inform the council. Any adjustment to your Rateable Value will be reflected in an updated bill. 

*Please note, the extent of their workload determines how quickly applications are assessed. This can take up to 3 months and you are advised to continue making payments on your current assessment  until your application has been processed.