Mixed Plastic recycling not exported to China from Lewes district

Lewes District Council has a contract with Viridor by which the Crayford Material Recycling Facility receives our co-mingled recyclate.

Simon Prior, Viridor’s Head of Local Authority Development, said: “Viridor is delighted to be working in partnership with Lewes District Council to provide an efficient and effective sorting of their co-mingled recyclate through our Crayford Materials Recovery Facility, finding a market for their material through a long term and sustainable supply chain which will provide crucial environmental benefits for the communities the district council serves.”

In response to recent news about the Chinese government reaffirming their ban on imported Mixed Plastics that are not of sufficient quality – we can confirm that Viridor does not export Mixed Plastics to China. In a statement, the company says:

“Viridor is working with all our customers in the whole supply chain to influence the quality of material destined for the markets we supply in the UK, Europe, Asia and also China.

In addition we have made significant investment in plastics innovation in our recycling plants to get the right grade of product to the right market, ideally in the UK and/or Europe. We have been for some months now exploring alternative markets in Asia and closer to home”.