Still time to help our butterflies

Painted Lady Butterfly.jpg
Picture of a painted Lady Butterfly

With the start of the peak summer holiday period now upon us, a Cabinet councillor at Lewes District Council is calling on residents to take part in the Big Butterfly Count before the August 7 deadline.

There has been a massive 75% decline in butterflies and the Big Butterfly Count provides essential data that will help conservation efforts in the UK.

Councillor Matthew Bird, Cabinet Member for Sustainability, said:

“Butterflies and moths are a vital part of the ecosystem as both pollinators and components of the food chain. They are key biodiversity indicators for conservationists, as they react very quickly to changes in their surrounding environment. Their decline is a stark warning that our ecosystem is suffering.

“We encourage people to sit in their gardens or a local park on a sunny day for just 15 minutes to count the number and type of butterflies they see and any moths that appear during the day.”

The survey is very easy to do and lots of handy information is available online at, where you can also record your findings and upload them to an interactive map.

Councillor Bird added:

“These citizen science surveys are making a real difference to our understanding of the UK’s environment and I know Lewes district has lots of people who want to help.”