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Personal licences

In order to sell or supply alcohol you must have a licence from your council under the Licensing Act 2003.

We grant personal licences that authorise a specified person to supply alcohol at a premises with a valid premises licence.

For further information and your rights on how the council uses your personal information please read our privacy notice.


The cost of a personal licence is £37.

How to apply

You will find information how to apply for your personal licence including guidance in the forms below

We advise all applicants to read our licensing policy which you can download below, the Home Office Guidance and the guidance notes we have provided before submitting an application

Register of licences

We keep a public register of all licences issued and held within the Lewes district. Search online for details now.

  Public register of licences and registrations

Licensing fees for Lewes District Council

Licensing fees for Lewes District Council
Summary: Download Lewes District Council's licensing fees
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Created: 04 August 2017
Last Modified: 12 July 2018


The cost of a personal licence is £37.

How to apply

You will find information how to apply for your personal licence, and the relevant fees, guidance and application forms below.

We advise all applicants to read our licensing policy, the Home Office Guidance and any guidance notes provided before submitting an application.

Apply by post

Please download and complete the forms below.

Change or replacement a personal licence

It costs £10.50 to change or replace your licence and you will need to contact us.

If your personal licence identification card or paper licence has been lost or stolen you must report this to the police in order to get a crime reference number.