Vulnerable and no support? You will get the help you need

People who received a letter from the NHS because they are at high risk if they catch the Coronavirus and don’t have a support network of friends and family around them, are reminded to visit or call 0800 0288327, the government’s dedicated helpline.

For people at high risk, the government’s measures will make sure they get the essential food and medicines they need by following the advice in the letter.

Additionally, we want vulnerable residents who are not in the high risk group, but are isolating and also don’t have any support from friends or family, to go onto the website and complete the online form.

Those without access to the internet should telephone 01273 099956 (Lewes district) / 01323 679722 (Eastbourne).  

We will put people in touch with the voluntary organisation or other community resource that is best suited to them.  

Our main objective is to have a system in place to fill any gaps in the government’s plans and help ensure those that need help, receive it.

The council is coordinating the community response alongside 3VA, the voluntary sector specialists, and have seconded staff to them to increase their capacity during the current crisis.  

The days and weeks ahead will be tough for everyone, but if the government’s plans need supplementing or if our fantastic voluntary sector calls for more help, the council’s contingency planning will kick in quickly and our staff will mobilise with all the resources we have available.