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Building notice application

A building notice application can be used for all domestic building works, except for when you are building over a public sewer (if you are building over a sewer, a full plans application will be required). Works to non-domestic properties and buildings within 3m of public sewers must be carried out under a full plans application

Eastbourne Borough Council has partnered with the East Sussex Building Control Partnership for building control services. If you live in Eastbourne you can find a building notice application on the East Sussex Building Control Partnership website.

If you are within the Lewes district you will need to download the form below and send back to us along with the following information:  

  • a completed building notice application form
  • structural calculations (where relevant)
  • the building notice fee

You may start work 48 hours after submitting your application, however you do not have the reassurance of building to approved plans as with a full plans application. Your builder must be fully aware of all building regulations that apply to the work. Following our site inspections we may require works built incorrectly to be amended, which will incur further costs.

What is the charge?

For fee details, please visit our charges page. A single fee is required for site inspections which must be paid in full when you submit your application to us. 

Building notice application form for domestic works Lewes District Council

Building notice application form for domestic works Lewes District Council
Summary: Download the building notice application form for domestic works (except for when building over a public sewer) in the Lewes district
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Created: 06 April 2018
Last Modified: 24 May 2018