Report a planning breach

We have the power to enforce planning laws in our area. These powers are wide and varied and ensure that breaches of planning control are investigated and appropriate action taken to secure compliance with planning law. 

Effective and proper enforcement of planning control is essential to protect the local environment and the interests of residents, visitors and businesses, from the harmful effects of unauthorised development.

Before you report a suspected breach you should check the following;

  • Has planning permission been granted for the work? Search planning applications online to find out if planning permission has been granted.
  • Is the work permitted development? Visit the Planning Portal to find out.

  • You should also read the planning enforcement policy statements for the relevant council below

If planning permission has been granted, or the works are within permitted development and the works are being carried out in accordance with that consent, we will not be able to take any action.

Most breaches of planning control are dealt with informally through co-operation with the landowner or developer. The usual route is that they remove unauthorised buildings, stop unauthorised uses, or submit a retrospective planning application to regularise the situation. Enforcement procedures should not be used to settle disputes between neighbours or other parties.

The identity of the complainant remains confidential in all enforcement cases.

How to report a planning breach

If you have concerns about building works, or a use of land or buildings being carried out without consent, you can tell us online:

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We have the power to enforce planning laws within Lewes district and the South Downs National Park.

The Enforcement Policy Statement below outlines more information on how we investigate possible breaches of planning control and what action we can take to remedy the breach.

Our Enforcement Policy Statement for Eastbourne below provides more information on how we investigate possible breaches of planning control.

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