Search for telecommunications masts

We maintain a register of telecommunications and phone masts in Lewes district and Eastbourne. You can search for masts in Lewes district by using the search function, and download a list of masts in Eastbourne.

You can use our Public Access system to search for details of telecommunications masts in your area within the Lewes district. You must agree to our user terms and conditions before using the site.

How to search

Choose the Advanced Search option. Add 'telecommunication' to the Description Keyword field, or a mast operator name. You can then search by parish, ward or location. 

To search by location, enter only a section of the address. For example, if the location is Eastern Road, enter ‘east’. You can also leave the location box empty to show full parish listings.

The system will display a list of relevant applications and a map. Select the application to read summary details and find links to any property associated with the search.

 Download the register below for details of telecommunication masts in Eastbourne.

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