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Community Infrastructure Levy forms, regulations and guidance

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) forms

If you have any queries regarding CIL please contact us on the following: for Lewes related CIL enquiries for Eastbourne related CIL enquiries

The links below each take you to an online form, which you can fill in digitally or download.

CIL regulations and guidance

Find guidance for determining whether a development may be CIL-liable on the planning portal - Planning Application Additional Information Requirement Guidance

We have produced our own guidance documents for Lewes and Eastbourne respectively. These provide further information on CIL and how it operates. Download the guidance below:

Lewes Community Infrastructure Levy FAQ

Lewes Community Infrastructure Levy FAQ
Summary: Download Lewes Community Infrastructure Levy FAQ which provides answers to the frequently asked questions surrounding the Community Infrastructure Levy in 2015
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Created: 26 April 2017
Last Modified: 22 June 2017