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Eastbourne Employment Land Local Plan

Eastbourne Employment Land Local Plan

The Employment Land Local Plan (ELLP) guides job growth and economic development in Eastbourne up to 2027 as well as identifying an appropriate supply of land for future employment development, in order to achieve a sustainable economy and make Eastbourne a town where people want to live and work. It specifically relates to land and buildings within the B1 (Offices and Light Industry), B2 (General Industry) and B8 (Storage and Distribution) Use Classes.

The ELLP provides a review of the Eastbourne Core Strategy Local Plan Policy D2: Economy following concerns from the Planning Inspector over the amount of employment land required in Eastbourne, and the proposed strategy to deliver that requirement.

Adoption of the ELLP

The Eastbourne ELLP was formally adopted by Eastbourne Borough Council on Wednesday 16 November 2016.  You can download the ELLP adoption documents and statement below.

Inspector's Report

Eastbourne Borough Council received the Inspector's Report on the examination into the Eastbourne ELLP on 24th October 2016. The Inspector found that the Eastbourne ELLP provides an appropriate basis for the planning of employment land provisions in the borough, provided that a number of modifications are made to it, and that with the recommended modifications the Eastbourne ELLP satisfies the requirements of Section 20(5) of the 2004 Act and meets the criteria for soundness in the National Planning Policy Framework.

You can download the Inspectors Report below. It can also be viewed in hard copy format at the Eastbourne Borough Council offices, Town Hall, Grove Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4UG. Please note however, that our offices are currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus restrictions.


  • A proposed Draft ELLP was published for a 12 week consultation period between Friday 20 December 2013 and 14 March 2014  
  • A Proposed Submission version was published for an 8 week period between December 2014 and February 2015 to receive representation on soundness;
  • A Revised Proposed Submission version was published for receipt of representation on issues of 'soundness' for a 6 week period between 11 December 2015 and 22 January 2016;
  • A Schedule of Main Modification was published for a 6 week period from 29 July to 9 September 2016 for representations on the soundness of the proposed modifications.

Lewes Employment Land Local Plan

Lewes does not have an equivalent ELLP. The Local Plan process combined with the Employment Land Review provides a guide to job growth and economic development in Lewes District.

Eastbourne Borough Council's ELLP was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination on the 23rd February 2016.

There are several documents which have been used to inform the production of the Council's ELLP which you can download below. Please refer to the index of documents to find a full list of all the documents available.

Eastbourne ELLP SD07 Changes to Policies Map

Eastbourne ELLP SD07 Changes to Policies Map
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