Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

We commissioned AECOM Consultancy to produce the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) for Lewes District Council in 2009.

We commissioned Scott Wilson Consultancy to produce the SFRA for Eastbourne Borough Council in 2008.


The SFRA is to be used as a tool for assessing flood risk from various sources of flooding: fluvial, tidal, groundwater, sewers, surface water and infrastructure failure.  It does not in itself determine whether any given land use is acceptable for any given site, as it does not take into consideration other relevant material planning considerations.  

The aim is to avoid inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding and make areas safe without increasing risk elsewhere, where new development is, exceptionally, necessary in flood risk areas.  Steering development away from the highest flood zones comes under the scope of the Sequential Test.

Lewes District SFRA Main Report October 2009

Lewes District SFRA Main Report October 2009
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