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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Cycling on the seafront

Find out about cycling on the seafront.


Cycling is allowed on the promenade between Edinburgh Road and the Martello Tower in a space that is shared by cyclists and pedestrians. There are signs with the code of conduct on the promenade. The promenade forms part of - National Cycle Route 2 which runs from Brighton to Camber.


Cycling is allowed on the seafront at the eastern end at Sovereign Gardens to Fishermans Green.

Cycling is not allowed on any other part of the seafront.

The dos and don'ts

Some do's and don'ts when cycling or walking on the eastern end of the seafront.

Cyclists - Do:

  • Keep to the cycle path
  • Stop to allow the Dotto Train to pass
  • Give way to other prom users at all times
  • Be courteous to other prom users
  • Cycle at a reduced speed
  • Be prepared to dismount and walk your cycle if the prom is crowded
  • Acknowledge those who give way to you

Cyclists - Don't:

  • Ride in a pedestrian only area
  • Assume others can see you or hear your bell
  • Ride in an aggressive manner

Pedestrians - Do:

  • Keep off the cycle path
  • Be cautious when crossing the cycle path
  • Keep children and dogs under control
  • Be courteous to other prom users

Pedestrians - Don't:

  • Assume a cyclist has seen you
  • Walk on the cycle path
  • Be aggressive to other prom users