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Data protection

The information we hold about people has to be managed within the limits of the Data Protection Act 1998. This requires us to only hold the personal information we need to provide a service, to keep it secure, only keep it for as long as needed and not disclose it to third parties, unless there is a legal reason to do so.

Your rights

The Act also gives you the right to:

  • know what information is being held about you
  • know what your information is being used for and why
  • know where the information came from and who has accessed it
  • request access to your information
  • take action to block, rectify, erase or destroy inaccurate data

Further information

You can find the councils' Privacy Notice at  Privacy Notice and you can find further information regarding data protection and your rights on the  Information Commissioner’s Office website and a full list of the categories of information the councils' process.