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Complaints against councillors

Both Eastbourne Borough Council and Lewes District Council have a code of conduct to ensure that they maintain the highest ethical standards.

If you believe a councillor or councillors have breached the code of conduct, you may make a complaint directly to Eastbourne Borough Council or Lewes District Council.

You may complain about the conduct of a councillor of Lewes District Council or a councillor of one of our town or parish councils.

How to complaint about a councillor:

  • Make a complaint about a councillor online.

  • Contact the relevant town or parish clerk for details of town and parish councils' own codes of conduct.

You can find and view Lewes District Council's code of conduct for members on our Constitutions page.

For more information, you can download guidance documents below:

You can make your complaint about a councillor in two ways:

  • Make a complaint about a councillor online.

You can find Eastbourne Borough Council's code of conduct for members on our Constitutions page. Alternatively the document is available for public inspection along with the Register of Members' Interests at the Town Hall, by appointment.