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Protected trees

We can protect important trees by applying a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). These may cover individual trees or groups of trees which are then protected from unauthorised works. A TPO is applied to protect trees which bring significant amenity benefit to the local area. Trees in conservation areas can be an essential element to its established character. For this reason trees in conservation areas are also protected. Trees may also be protected by specific planning conditions or covenants.

You will need to apply for consent if you wish to carry out work to a tree which is protected. The consent form can be downloaded from the Planning Portal website

It is an offence to:

  • cut down 
  • lop

  • top

  • uproot

  • wilfully damage

  • or wilfully destroy

a protected tree without written consent. You could be fined a substantial amount for carrying out work to protected trees without consent. More information explaining the legislation governing TPOs and tree protection in conservation areas can be found at