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Our Safeguarding Policy explains how we try to promote the wellbeing and safety of children and vulnerable adults when they come into contact with the services we provide.

In an emergency or if there is imminent danger or a crime may have been committed please contact the police.

Children and young people

To report a concern over the safety or welfare of a child or young person (aged under 18): 

For more information go to Actions to take before you contact SPoA

You can find out more about safeguarding children on the East Sussex Safeguarding Children Partnership website.

Vulnerable adults

  To report a concern over the safety or welfare of a vulnerable adult:

To find out more about safeguarding adults visit the East Sussex Safeguarding Adults Board website.

Support for those affected by domestic violence

If you need support for yourself or someone you know who may be affected by domestic violence or abuse visit our support page.

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