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Cemetery and crematorium fees and charges

Download our fees and charges for cemetery and crematorium services below. These include:  

  • cremation fees
  • cremated remains - strewing fees
  • burial fees
  • exclusive Right of Burial
  • interment fees
  • Memorial charges (Eastbourne Crematorium)


Cemetery and crematorium fees and charges in the Eastbourne borough (PDF) [138KB]

Eastbourne Crematorium memorial fees and charges (PDF) [117KB]

Eastbourne Crematorium memorial booklet and pack (PDF) [2MB]

Cost of purchasing ashes, graves and interments (PDF) [85KB]

Eastbourne Crematorium price information 2024 (PDF) [60KB]

Lewes and Seaford cemeteries

Cemetery fees and charges in Lewes and Seaford (PDF) [132KB]

Newhaven Cemetery

Newhaven Cemetery is managed by Newhaven Town Council, not Lewes District or Eastbourne Borough Council. You can find the cemetery fees and charges on the Newhaven Town Council website

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Last modified on 02 April 2024