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Changes in circumstances

If you receive Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax reduction, we need to know about any changes in your circumstances as it may affect the amount you receive. Any changes need to be reported to us within one calendar month of the change.

For Eastbourne Borough Council, please fill in our Contact us form.

For Lewes District Council, please use the change in circumstances PDF form below to tell us of any changes in your circumstances. The completed information will be used to recalculate your claim.

Some examples of changes you should tell us about are:  

  • changes in your or your partner's income/savings including changes in the amount of earnings, such as Tax Credits, occupational pensions and so on
  • someone comes to live in your house eg. a relative, joint tenant, sub-tenant or similar
  • a student in your household moves out of halls of residence and starts to rent accommodation privately and be registered for Council Tax elsewhere
  • someone leaves your household (including going into hospital, rest home, university or prison)
  • you stop (or start) receiving child benefit for any child or  young person  
  • an Increase/decrease in your rent (if you pay rent)
  • you or anyone in your household stops or starts working
  • you or anyone in your household stops or starts receiving Income Support, Job Seeker's Allowance, Pension or Tax Credits

Benefits and reductions are calculated using the information you gave us on your application form. If these details change, the amount of benefit you receive can be affected and there may be an overpayment of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction or your entitlement may increase. If the change means you're entitled to less benefit, you must tell us as soon as possible. If we're paying you too much, you will be asked to pay it back.

When should a change be reported?

This should be as quickly as possible after taking place but must be within one calendar month of the change. Please send us proof of the change, such as wage slips or entitlement letter from the Department of Work and Pensions. If you are unable to provide the evidence immediately please do not delay in telling us about the change as this may result in a loss of benefit. 

If you change address or go into prison (including being on remand) you will need to fill in a new application form. You will also need to complete a new form if Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance ends.

What will happen next?

If we are told about the change within the one-month time limit we will amend your claim to take account of the change from the date of the change.

If we are told outside of the time limit the change to benefit will be as follows:

  • where the change means you receive less benefit the decrease will be from the date of the change
  • where the change means you receive more benefit the increase will only be paid from the Monday after you tell us