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How much am I entitled to?

We have online benefits calculators you can use to calculate how much benefit you may be entitled to.

The calculation given by the calculators are only an indication of possible entitlement. There are many things considered when working out benefit and no guarantee of a successful application can be given.

Housing Benefits rooms calculator

You can live in a home with as many rooms as you wish but Housing Benefit rules may limit how many you can be paid for. The rules are known as the "Size Criteria". They depend on :

  • how many people live with you in your home 
  • how they are related to you (if they are) 
  • whether they are children or adults, and 
  • if they are children, whether they are boys or girls, and their ages.
  • If you apply for Housing Benefits a rent officer will let you know how many rooms you can claim for. They cannot alter the rules, whatever your difficulties

Please go to the Valuation Office website and use the calculator they provide.