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New and replacement bins

If your bin or recycling equipment has been lost or damaged, you can order a replacement using this online form.

If you are signed up for garden waste collections and you would like an additional garden waste bin, you can request one on the Garden waste page.

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To reduce odours, maintain street cleanliness and to protect rubbish from animals, we strongly recommend residents put their rubbish in a wheelie bin. Rubbish must be bagged before being put in the bin.

Important information for Lewes district residents

Use this online form to replace a lost or damaged recycling bin, garden waste bin, or food waste caddy.

You can also use this form to request a second recycling wheelie bin for your home.

We sell two sizes of wheelie bins for domestic refuse. You can pay online when you place the order, and we will deliver your bin within four weeks:

  • Smaller 140 litre bins are suitable for households with 1-4 people. They cost £20 including VAT and delivery. 
  • Larger 240 litre bins are suitable for households with 5 or more people. They cost £30 including VAT and delivery.

Important information for Eastbourne residents

You can request a new black rubbish bin, brown garden waste bin, or green recycling bin using the online form.

You can also request a bigger black rubbish bin if:

  • You are recycling everything you can; and
  • There are more than five people in your household; or
  • You produce more rubbish due to medical reasons