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New and replacement bins

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: If you would like to order a new bin, or if you have done so in the last few days, please be aware that is likely to be a delay in delivery. We apologise for this inconvenience. For more Coronavirus updates visit

If your household waste bin or recycling equipment has been lost or damaged, or if you need an additional recycling bin, you can order a new using our online form.

If you are signed up for garden waste collections and your bin has been lost or damaged, you will need to request a replacement or additional garden waste bin separately.

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To reduce odours, maintain street cleanliness and to protect rubbish from animals, we strongly recommend residents put their rubbish in a wheelie bin. Rubbish must be bagged before being put in the bin.

Important information for Lewes district residents

Use this online form to replace a lost or damaged recycling bin or food waste caddy, or to order an extra recycling bin if you need more than one. We will deliver your new bin within four weeks, and remove your old damaged bin at the same time (if applicable).

You can also use this form to purchase a wheelie bin for your domestic refuse. Standard refuse bins have a 140 litre capacity and are suitable for households with up to five people, they cost £20 including VAT and delivery.  If you need to dispose of an old refuse bin you can take it to your local Household Waste Recycling Site or request a bulky waste collection.

If you are recycling everything you can, and there are more than five people in your household (or if you produce extra rubbish due to medical reasons) then you can request a larger sized 240 litre refuse bin. These cost £30 including VAT and delivery.

Important information for Eastbourne residents

You can request a replacement black rubbish bin or green recycling bin using the online form, you can also request an additional recycling bin. We no longer offer recycling boxes or glass recycling boxes because glass is accepted in your recycling wheelie bin.

You may request a larger black rubbish bin if:

  • you are recycling everything you can; and
  • you cannot reduce the amount of waste you generate; or
  • you produce more rubbish due to medical reasons

From Monday 12 April 2021 refuse (rubbish) bin collections in Eastbourne will move to from weekly to fortnightly. Recycling collections will stay as they are.

We have had more people asking for an extra refuse bins or for a larger bin. The experience of other councils in East Sussex which have changed to fortnightly refuse collections has been that most residents are able to manage with their existing bins. You are able to request an addition or larger refuse bin but we are asking residents to see how they get on with their existing bins for a few weeks to check whether they really need the extra bins space first before placing a bin request.