Recycling points and bring sites

In addition to providing household collections of recycling to all residents of Lewes district and Eastbourne borough, we operate a small number of ‘bring sites’, so called because you have to ‘bring’ your recycling to them. These sites were implemented a number of years ago, before we offered a fully commingled kerbside recycling collection. Nowadays, all households in the district are able to recycle from home.

Bring site recycling bins are susceptible to being contaminated; this is when non-recyclable waste is disposed of in recycling bins. Contamination makes the onward recycling process less energy efficient and less environmentally friendly. The recycling we collect from household recycling bins is always better quality, and contains less contamination, than recycling from bring site bins.

If you are able to, please recycle from home rather than using bring sites. This helps reduce the amount of contamination which gets mixed up with our recycling, and makes sure we are recycling as much as possible.

Finding your local recycling point

Select your local council below to find your nearest recycling point and details on what you can recycle.

The recycling points are located around the district in places where people are already likely to visit, such as car parks and supermarkets.

Find your nearest recycling locations using Recycle Now's recycling locator.

  1. Use our address checker to find information about your bin and recycling collections for your property.

  2. You can then visit our Find my nearest page to find your nearest recycling points or bring sites on a map. Simply select 'recycle sites' from the drop down menu in the top left hand corner.