Salt bins

All salt and grit bins in Eastbourne are maintained by East Sussex County Council.

In Lewes district we maintain some salt and grit bins. Other bins are maintained by the town and parish councils and East Sussex County Council. For our salt bins download the list below. We maintain our salt bins and ensure they are full at the start of each winter. They are refilled as needed, although this is subject to the availability of salt supplies.

Report an empty salt bin

If you notice an empty salt bin, or one in need of a top-up, please contact us. All salt bins maintained by Lewes district council are labelled with a unique reference number. If you can give us this number when you report it we will be able to identify and locate the bin more easily.

Requesting a salt bin

If there is a particular need for a salt bin you can request one from East Sussex County Council.

Salt bin locations in the Lewes district

Salt bin locations in the Lewes district
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