Garages, bike sheds and parking spaces

We manage council-owned garages, bike sheds and parking spaces across Eastbourne and the Lewes district.

This page contains information on how to apply for a garage, bike shed or parking space.

Anyone can apply but a waiting list is operated for each area. Our priority and preference will be given to residents who live in areas where garages are on site and parking is restricted. Garages, bike sheds and parking spaces are for rental purposes only and are not available to purchase.

VAT charges apply to weekly rents except for Eastbourne Borough Council/Lewes District Council tenants. Payment is required in advance.

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Apply for a garage, bike shed or car parking space in Eastbourne borough.

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Council owned garages are for domestic use only. They are intended for the storage of motor vehicles and not personal items. The council is not responsible for any damage to items. Garages are not permitted for use by commercial businesses.

Our garages vary in size. Ask for the dimensions before accepting the licence of a garage to ensure it is suitable for your needs.

Council tenants will need to clear any outstanding arrears on their tenancy before a garage can be let. If money is owed on an account, a garage will not be offered.

Please be aware that VAT charges apply to weekly rents except for council tenants and leaseholders. Payment is required in advance and notice will be served in the event of any arrears accruing. Payment of garage rental charges must be made by direct debit.

The license of your garage will be at risk if you do not keep up the payments on your account.

You need to terminate your garage rental in writing and detail your name and address.

You need to give us at least seven days’ notice in writing, with the end date being a Monday. This means your last day will be the Monday following the seven day notice period. If your keys are not returned on this day, you will continue to be charged rent until they are returned.

Please note that, if you terminate your residential council tenancy, your garage license will not automatically terminate. You will need to terminate your garage license separately.

We provide parking areas on most of our housing estates.

Parking vehicles that are untaxed or not roadworthy in these areas is forbidden. We will remove and dispose of such vehicles. Likewise, caravans, trailers, boats and other items will be removed after a suitable notice period.

If you wish to park a caravan or trailer in your garden, you will need to apply for permission to install a hardstanding and carriageway crossing.

Disabled parking spaces can be marked out to assist disabled residents on the recommendation of an occupational therapist.  They will be available for use by any tenant or visitor with the appropriate blue badge.

In Eastbourne, there are a limited number of parking spaces available to rent at Solly Court and Rush Court on Bourne Street. These spaces are only available to rent from residents in these blocks and are rented by way of a licence. Please contact Eastbourne Borough Council for more information.

Parking permits are required in the De Montfort estate, St Pancras estate and Wellington Street / North Street areas of Lewes and Meeching Court in Newhaven.  New tenants for these areas will be supplied with one permit per household by the Housing Services Department.

How much notice do I need to give?

7 days’ notice needs to be given in writing. Notice will begin from the Monday following receipt of your letter.

What if I am in arrears?

After 14 days of being in arrears the council can terminate the licence and recover possession of the bike shed, garage or parking space.

Does the council insure the contents of the garage?

No. The council is not required to carry out any insurance to cover content. The garages are only suitable for storing motor vehicles. They should not be used to store any personal items. The council will not be responsible for any damage to items and it is the tenant’s responsibility to insure.

Can I use the bike shed, garage or parking space for business?

No. Tenants must not conduct business or store items used for business within the bike shed, garage or parking space.

Can I add extra locks?

 No additions or alterations should be made to the garage internally or externally. This also includes painting.

How can I get a replacement key?

We do not hold spare keys for garages.

Tenants are allowed to have spare keys cut as we change locks at the end of each tenancy.  If all keys are lost then there is a £50 charge for a replacement lock.

How can I pay for the bike shed, garage or parking space?

Rent can only be paid by Direct Debit.

What do I do if I move house?

If you move house then please contact us as soon as possible so that we may update your contact details.

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