Domestic violence support

Domestic violence can happen to anyone and is never acceptable. Domestic abuse can take many forms of physical, mental, emotional and sexual violence and includes:

  • being beaten
  • being attacked with a weapon
  • being locked in your home
  • being denied access to money
  • being prevented from seeing friends
  • threats of physical or sexual abuse

Domestic abuse can affect both women and men in heterosexual, gay or lesbian relationships. If you are experiencing domestic violence, you can get help to make it stop. Support is available from a number of places.

If you need to flee your home, you can contact the council at any time of the day or night. An officer can talk to you about your housing needs and may be able to assist you to find alternative accommodation if appropriate.

If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse and/or violence from a family member, there are a variety of places that you can get advice.

If you are a woman fleeing domestic abuse, we may be able to help you find accommodation at a women’s refuge. You can also find a place yourself through the National Domestic Violence Helpline.

If you need support for yourself or someone you know who may be affected by domestic violence, The Portal charity provides information on services available for women, men, girls and boys.

The National Refuge Helpline is a free, confidential 24 hours helpline that manages vacancies for all refuges in East Sussex.

The Sanctuary scheme aims to make it possible for victims to remain in their homes and feel safe and provides an alternative to relocation away from family and friends, vital support networks and key services. This is done through the installation of enhanced security measures in a victim’s property.

In order to qualify for this scheme, you must meet the following criteria:

  • resident within the boundary of Eastbourne Borough Council or Lewes District Council and the victim of domestic abuse, physical violence or hate crime
  • woman or man with or without children
  • own or rent your home; however, where the victim is renting a property, the landlord’s written consent for the work to be carried out is needed
  • where the perpetrator of the violence does not live in the home
  • clients where the council is satisfied that the victim is threatened with homelessness due to domestic violence or hate crime
  • clients wishing to remain in their home who understand the implications of doing so and do not allow the perpetrator back into the property

A referral can be made by a statutory or voluntary agency, the victim or a friend or family member on their behalf. All referrals will go to our Homes First team to check that the client is eligible for the scheme.

To make a referral to the Sanctuary Housing Scheme in Lewes or Eastbourne, please complete the Sanctuary Referral Form below.

Sanctuary Referral Form

Sanctuary Referral Form
Summary: You can either fill in the referral form online and email it back to us or print it out to fill in then send it to us.
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Created: 02 August 2017
Last Modified: 05 April 2018

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