Homes First Retirement Housing Service

Our retirement housing is accommodation specifically designed for older people to enable them to live independently and in their own home for as long as possible. It is available to residents aged 60 yrs +.

All applicants for retirement housing must be able to live independently and will be required to complete a supplementary medical form in addition to the housing register application. This will enable us to determine if an applicant’s needs are too great for us to accommodate in retirement housing and they require more supported accommodation. Applicants with care needs beyond the ability to be safely accommodated, will be referred to East Sussex County Council for assessment for extra care housing or alternative appropriate housing.

In all Lewes District and Eastbourne Borough owned and managed retirement housing properties there is a 24-hour Lifeline link, a secure door entry system in our schemes, as well as a retirement housing advisor service. Properties have their own front door, kitchen, and bathroom, so residents can continue to live independently, and have the freedom to come and go as they please.

We have a range of self-contained flats that form part of a scheme or court and in the Lewes District area we also have self-contained bungalows. Each scheme has a range of different facilities and most can offer access to:

  • a lounge for social events
  • guest room
  • laundry room with modern washing machines and driers; and
  • communal gardens.

The Retirement Housing Advisor is available to provide housing-related advice to enable tenants to manage their tenancy successfully or access additional support services.  The advisor also undertakes property checks and meets with tenants at least annually to undertake a tenancy sustainment assessment. This provides an opportunity to discuss any additional services a tenant may need to continue living independently or discuss if more suitable supported accommodation is required.

Residents requiring personal care or domestic support will need to either pay for this themselves, receive such assistance from family/friends, or be assessed by East Sussex County Council Adult Social Care for eligibility for assistance.

The Retirement Housing Advisor will provide opportunities for tenants to meet on a regular basis to discuss our services and engage in opportunities to make changes to improve service delivery.

Each Retirement Housing scheme has a pet agreement, this means some of our schemes have a no pets policy, please check the advertised vacant property on our Homes First Lettings website for the pet friendly logo. In our pet friendly schemes cats and dogs are only permitted in ground floor properties.

Social activities, clubs and special interests are encouraged on all schemes and there are many opportunities to get involved in different pastimes and make new friends.

If you would like to visit a Retirement Housing scheme or talk to our staff please contact our Customer First team and ask to speak to a member of our Retirement Housing team.

To apply for retirement housing accommodation you will need to complete a housing application form.

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In Eastbourne, tenants can request the handyman service for a small charge. The handyman can help with day-to-day tasks such as putting up shelves, changing batteries and fitting curtain rails. Eastbourne retirement tenants can now make requests by filling in the online form.

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