Dangerous trees

We have the responsibility to take action in respect of trees which are thought to be imminently dangerous.

Responsibility for trees

Trees are the responsibility of the person who owns the land on which they are growing, but we have the powers to deal with dangerous trees not owned by the council. It is normally used as a last resort if the owner appears not to be doing anything about a dangerous tree, which might cause harm to someone else or their property.

We cannot get involved in circumstances where, for example, there is a fear the tree(s) might fall in a high wind. Trees will of course shed leaves, twigs, fruit and flowers, which is a normal process and which is unlikely to be categorised as being imminently dangerous.

Our responsibility

If we receive a written request from an adjoining landowner to make a tree safe then we can investigate and if necessary take appropriate action. Under normal circumstances our tree specialist will want to make a site visit to inspect the tree(s) and make a professional judgment on the condition of the tree(s) and its likely impacts before deciding what action, if any, we are likely to take.

  • Report an alleged dangerous tree(s) in Lewes District using the form below.
  • Report an alleged dangerous tree(s) in Eastbourne using the contact us form.

Report alleged dangerous tree/s in the Lewes district

Report alleged dangerous tree/s in the Lewes district
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