Supplementary Planning Guidance and Supplementary Planning Documents

A number of Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) have been prepared to provide guidance on the way planning policies will be implemented, including briefs for specific sites.

You can download relevant Lewes District supplementary planning documents, guidance and development briefs below.

March 2021 update - Technical Advice Notes (TANs) and Technical Guidance Notes (TGNs)

LDC has prepared a Local Employment and Training Technical Guidance Note for Newhaven to assist in securing local labour agreements as part of development proposals. It will play an important role in helping to secure local employment at both the construction and operational stages of development. It will apply to apply to proposals and developments in Newhaven wards within the boundaries of Lewes District Council as a local planning authority. 

LDC has also prepared Technical Advice Notes for three areas; Biodiversity Net Gain, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development. These offer advice and guidance for developers and planning applicants on the principles to incorporate into applications, for any new homes or commercial development, large or small, in the district outside of the South Downs National Park, and can signpost towards other relevant resources. These principles can help to achieve more sustainable development in line with the LDCs Corporate Plan. 

July 2018 update - Lewes Affordable Housing SPD

Since the adoption of the Lewes Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document government has published an update to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).  Paragraph 63 states that “Provision of affordable housing should not be sought for residential developments that are not major developments, other than in designated rural areas”. The NPPF defines major developments as “For housing, development where 10 or more homes will be provided, or the site has an area of 0.5 hectares or more.”

Therefore, the requirement for 40% affordable housing will now apply to developments of 10 or more homes, rather than 11 or more, or a site area of 0.5 hectares or more. This should be noted when reading the Lewes Affordable Housing SPD.

You can download relevant Eastbourne Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) below.  SPDs relate to 2016 Eastbourne Core Strategy Policies.  Further Supplementary Planning Guidance relating to 2006 Eastbourne Borough Plan policies can be downloaded from the Eastbourne SPG tab.

Eastbourne Park SPD 2013

Eastbourne Park SPD 2013
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