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Environmental Permitting

Companies carrying out activities that could potentially cause emissions to air, land or water may need to hold an Environmental Permit and/or a Chimney Height Approval.

Permits are issued under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.

Permit Requirement

Find out whether or not your company needs to hold, vary, transfer or surrender a permit using the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs general guidance manual.

Apply for a Permit

If you are responsible for an industrial installation controlled under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 then you must apply for a permit to operate. Further guidance on Environmental permitting regulations and the installation types covered by this legislation is available on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs general guidance manual.

How To Apply

To apply for this licence, please contact us to discuss your application. We will advise you of what is required and send you the appropriate forms either by post or email.


If an installation is required to apply for and to maintain a permit then a risk-based fee and annual charge is levied. Current fees and further information can be found on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs general guidance manual.

Application Process 

Details of the application process are set out in the General Guidance Manual available from the  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs general guidance manual.


If your application is unsuccessful or you disagree with any permit conditions applied, you may appeal.  In the first instance contact us direct for guidance on the appeals process.

Clean Air Act 1993 - Chimney Height Approvals and The Clean Air Act 1993 controls domestic and industrial smoke.

When a new commercial boiler or other heating plant is to be installed it is necessary to obtain approval for the height of the chimney to be used in conjunction with the appliance. The Clean Air Act 1993 makes it an offence to cause or knowingly permit a furnace to be used to:

  • burn pulverised fuel, or 
  • burn any solid matter at a rate of 45.4kg or more an hour, or 
  • burn any liquid or gaseous matter at a rate equivalent to 366.4kW or more, unless the height of the chimney has been approved by the Council and any conditions attached to approval have been complied with