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Eastbourne Homes Governance

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Eastbourne Homes Limited (EHL) provides housing management and property services to Eastbourne Borough Council (EBC) tenants and leaseholders. EHL’s vision is to maintain, develop and set pioneering standards for the provision of homes and housing services across the Borough.  Our mission is to work with all our stakeholders to not only provide excellent customer-focussed services but be a lead in the revitalisation of housing and communities for 21st century.


Registered company number: 05340097. EHL has a wholly owned subsidiary called South East Independent Living Limited (SEILL) - Find out more about how SEILL is governed.

Choose from the headings below to find out more about EHL's governance:

Eastbourne Homes Limited (EHL) is a company wholly owned by Eastbourne Borough Council.  EHL is led by a Board of Directors and a Managing Director, supported by a Strategic Leadership Team.

The Board of Eastbourne Homes Limited must provide leadership to ensure that high standards of service are delivered.  The Board must lead by example in the way it manages itself as a group and as individuals and how it discharges its responsibilities. This cultural ethos goes hand in hand with the legal responsibilities.

The Board has clearly set out constitutional and legal duties under the Articles of Association (Companies Act 2006). It is therefore essential that the Board exercises their duties well and effectively to ensure the objectives of the organisation are met.

Eastbourne Borough Council will want Eastbourne Homes Limited to be able to demonstrate that it has in place effective systems to provide the high standards of governance to discharge the financial responsibilities and management freedoms the Council has delegated. It must be able to demonstrate that it is a viable and properly managed organisation and that it is promoting standards of probity and enhancing the reputation of the local authority.

Finally the Board must be able to demonstrate that it is an effective organisation that knows how well it is performing and what its strengths and weaknesses are.


  • R Eastwood (Chair)
  • S Roberts (Vice-Chair)
  • L Pearce (Vice-Chair)
  • C Belsey
  • P Gunnell
  • T Hastings
  • M Hope
  • G Morgan
  • C Vaughan

Company Secretary:

  • J McCarthy-Penman

End of year reports and group financial statements from the past thee years:

Eastbourne Homes Ltd Annual Report & Group Financial Statements 2014

Eastbourne Homes Ltd Annual Report & Group Financial Statements 2014
Summary: Eastbourne Homes Ltd Annual Report & Group Financial Statements 2014
File Size: 9.94MB
Type: Files / Images
Created: 08 August 2017
Last Modified: 12 April 2021

Our Board meetings are open to the public you can find the dates or request copies of the minutes by contacting us. Please note that the minutes of the previous meeting are not agreed by the Board until the next meeting and are therefore published following this date.

Below are copies of the Board minutes and agendas:

Eastbourne Homes Ltd Agenda 15 July 2021

Eastbourne Homes Ltd Agenda 15 July 2021
Summary: EHL Agenda 150721
File Size: 139KB
Type: Files / Images
Created: 12 July 2021
Last Modified: 12 July 2021