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Eastbourne Housing Strategy 2020-2024

Access to safe, secure and affordable housing is fundamental to supporting the health and independence of residents, creating sustainable communities and promoting economic growth.

Since the publication of our last housing strategy, we have worked in partnership with a wide range of agencies to address rough sleeping, tackle homelessness and build new homes. However, there are remaining as well as new challenges to address and we need to continue to work in partnership to address these.

With our new strategy we are responding to the significant changes that have occurred in the local housing market and the climate emergency declared by the Council in July 2019.

To deliver this vision effectively, the strategy sets out clear goals and plans that our teams will deploy over the next five years, to address the key challenges posed by the national operating context, the local housing market and the changing needs of households.

This is a strategy for all residents of Eastbourne, as well as those facing the challenges of moving into the local area, homelessness or changing housing needs.