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Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Eastbourne Local Lottery

What is the Eastbourne Local Lottery?

Eastbourne Local Lottery is a new online lottery to support local good causes.

Tickets for the first Eastbourne Local Lottery went on sale online from 17 May 2018 and the first weekly draw took place on 16 June 2018. Each week there is a chance to win a jackpot of £25,000 for a matching sequence of six numbers. There are additional prizes of £2,000, £250, £25 or three free tickets. 

Good causes can sign up now on the Eastbourne Local Lottery website

You can find out more about the Eastbourne Local Lottery by downloading the presentation slides from the Good Causes launch event which was held on Thursday 19 April 2018:

Eastbourne Local Lottery launch event presentation slides (PDF) [2MB]


How much do the tickets cost?

Tickets cost £1 with 60p going towards local good causes, compared to just 28p in the pound for the National Lottery. Eastbourne is among the first few local authorities to launch its own online lottery.

There are two parts to the Eastbourne Local Lottery scheme. Local good causes will be able to set up their own lottery page online and will receive 50p in every pound spent by players using this method. 

A further 10p in every pound will go into a general Eastbourne Lottery Community Fund, with the remainder being put towards prizes, operating costs and VAT.


What type of organisations can benefit from the lottery?

To become part of the Eastbourne Local Lottery, an organisation or 'good cause' must:

  • Provide a community service within Eastbourne Borough Council's geographic area, which is of benefit to Eastbourne residents
  • Have a formal constitution or set of rules
  • Have a bank account with at least two unrelated signatories
  • Operate with no undue restrictions on accessing the services provided
  • Commit to actively promoting the Eastbourne Local Lottery
  • Provide the council with the necessary documentation requested

It must also be: 

  • A constituted group with a volunteer management committee that meets at least three times a year, or
  • A registered charity; or
  • Community Interest Group 

Eastbourne Local Lottery can not accept organisations that:

  • Promote a particular religious or political belief 
  • Aim to distribute a profit
  • Have no established management committee or board of trustees, unless it is a Community Interest Group

The council reserves the right to admit any organisation on whatever grounds it thinks fit and to end an organisation's participation in the lottery for any reason it sees fit.


How can a charity or good cause sign up?

Local good causes can sign up now for the lottery at the Eastbourne Local Lottery website.


Eastbourne Lottery Community Fund

Eastbourne Local Lottery tickets first went on sale on 17th May 2018 and each year we accrue money through ticket sales into the "Eastbourne Lottery Community Fund". This fund comes from people buying lottery tickets opting to support the Community Fund rather than a specific good cause/ charity. 

Charities signed up to the Eastbourne Local Lottery will benefit from this fund. The council will distribute the fund annually based on the number of ticket sales a charity has made during the year running from May to May, with those charities that have sold the most tickets receiving a higher award from the fund. 

The council contacts charities directly with award details, charities do not have to make an application for this funding. All monies raised will benefit good causes, the council does not benefit financially from the lottery.