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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Access for all

Find links to services for disabled people, information about local access group activities and documents containing information about accessible routes, toilets and designs.

Local access groups

Access groups are voluntary community groups that seek to represent the people who live with the daily problems disability presents and help focus the public and private sector on making things easier.  Here is a list of contact details for local access groups:

Eastbourne Access Group produces the Eastbourne Access Guide for Disabled People which contains information on accessible places, transport, wheelchair route maps and useful contacts which you can download below. In addition, the Eastbourne Access Group publish information about accessible toilets, accommodation, eating places and much more. To find out more visit the Eastbourne Access Group website.

You can also download information on Lewes District public toilets, including details of accessibility, below.


Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People 2023 (PDF) [1MB]

Public toilets in the Lewes District (PDF) [106KB]

East Sussex County Council services

East Sussex County Council (ESCC) offers a range of information and services online:


Access Statements of public facilities

Access Statements provide information about a building or outside space to enable potential visitors to make an informed decision as to whether it meets their particular access needs. You can find Access Statements on a variety of facilities owned by Lewes and Eastbourne Councils on the Disability Access Statement webpage.

Accessible Design Notes - Summary of Contents (PDF) [19KB]
Accessible Design Note 01 Approaches and entrances (PDF) [150KB]
Accessible Design Note 02 Internal circulation (PDF) [59KB]
Accessible Design Note 03 Lifts (PDF) [232KB]
Accessible Design Note 04 Wayfinding and signs (PDF) [89KB]
Accessible Design Note 05 Accessible toilets (PDF) [219KB]
Accessible Design Note 06 Changing and shower facilities (PDF) [235KB]
Accessible Design Note 07 Entertainment and places of assembly (PDF) [85KB]
Accessible Design Note 08 Housing - lifetime Homes (PDF) [53KB]
Accessible Design Note 09 Customer services (PDF) [24KB]
Accessible Design Note 10 Holiday Accommodation (PDF) [33KB]
Accessible Design Note 11 External environment (PDF) [76KB]
Accessible Design Note 12 Car parking (PDF) [77KB]
Accessible Design Note 13 Means of escape (PDF) [27KB]
Accessible Design Note 14 Access to the countryside (PDF) [23KB]
Accessible Design Notes 15 - Visual Contrast (PDF) [23KB]

Accessible Design Notes 16 - Access Statements (PDF) [29KB]