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Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Comment on a planning application

Anyone can comment on, support or object to a planning application that has not yet been decided. Your comments (representations) will be considered by the case officer before a decision is made on the application.

All comments must be received in writing, either by letter, email or using the online comment facility. We cannot accept or consider verbal comments. The law requires that all comments received in relation to planning applications must be made available for public inspection. This means that any comments you submit will be published and available to view online, and will include your name and address. We cannot treat comments as confidential. Similarly, we cannot consider anonymous comments on an application. 

For further information and your rights on how the council uses your personal information please read our privacy notice for planning applications.

Once an application has been formally accepted, there is a period of 21 days to make your comments. If you miss the deadline for comments, they may not be taken into account. Please note that we cannot reply individually to representations received.

What to comment on

You should view the plans and forms before you comment on an application, to ensure you understand the development under consideration. We can only take certain issues into account when considering an application for planning permission. These are known as material considerations.

Some application types, such as Prior Approval and Lawful Development Certificates can only be assessed against specific criteria as defined by Government. In these cases the standard material considerations do not apply and applications are considered only in relation to specific matters of fact and law relevant to that application type. 

If you want to make a comment supporting or objecting to an application, it must be about the planning merits of the application. Comments that are not relevant to the determination of an application will not be considered. Please note that derogatory or abusive comments about any person or group are not acceptable and will not be considered. We reserve the right to remove offensive, abusive or racist comments made on planning applications.

Please visit the Planning Portal for a list of material considerations for planning applications.

Please note however, that the following issues are not material considerations and cannot be considered:

  • loss of view
  • devaluation of property
  • business competition
  • damage to property
  • consent required under other legislation (such as building regulations)
  • boundary disputes, rights of access, covenants and other private rights
  • disturbance during development
  • maintenance of property

To comment on an application online please follow the instructions below for your area. Alternatively you can send a letter or email to the planning department for the relevant council.

Comment on a planning application - Lewes District Council

To submit a comment online for applications within Lewes District:

  1. go to the Search and view planning applications
  2. read and agree to the terms and conditions       
  3. search using the application number, address or map search
  4. select the application you want to comment on
  5. choose the 'Comment' tab
  6. select 'Make a Comment'

You will need to register as a user before making comments on an application.

Comment on a planning application - Eastbourne Borough Council

To submit a comment online for applications within Eastbourne Borough

To comment on, object to or support an open planning application you first need to find the application on our online planning system. You can access the system by finding the application on a map, or by going direct.

To comment directly:

  1. search for the planning application by address or application number
  2. select the Application Reference link   
  3. when the 'Details of Planning Application' are displayed, select the Comment button at the top of the page
  4. complete and submit the details as requested

To find the applications on a map:

If you are not sure of the exact location of an application, you might want to find applications on a map first. You can search by postcode, street or place.

The results provide the planning application reference, a brief summary and a direct link to the case on our online planning system.

You can filter the results to only current applications by:

  1. select Find My Nearest at the top of the map
  2. choose Planning Applications (within 200 metres)
  3. choose All
  4. choose Live/Current
  5. pinpoint on the map or select to display a list of all live applications

Once you've found the application you are interested in:

  1. select the View Details in a New Window link, this will open the application case on our online planning system
  2. select the Comment button at the top of the page
  3. complete and submit the details as requested

Comment on a planning application - SDNP

Please visit search for a planning application on their website and follow the instructions for commenting on an application.