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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Report Fraud

Housing benefit fraud

All housing benefit fraud is now dealt with by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). You can report any suspected benefit fraud to the DWP online

Fraud against the councils

Fraud is an act of deception to gain a financial advantage from another person or organisation. When fraud is committed against the councils, it reduces the money we hold to pay for the services we deliver.

Our Counter-Fraud team is committed to the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and error in all areas of the councils, including:

  • Social Tenancy (subletting, non-residence, obtaining housing by deception) - more about this below
  • Council Tax and Business Rates (false claims for discounts, reductions or exemptions)
  • Procurement (the council being overcharged for goods or services)
  • False applications (insurance claims, grants or services)
  • Internal (fraud by someone employed or working for the council)

Housing tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud deprives people in need from having a home and takes many forms, including:

  • Subletting without permission
  • Giving the wrong information when you apply
  • Not telling the council you have left your property
  • 'Fraudulent succession' - not telling the council when someone else has left the property or passed away
  • Fraudulent right to buy applications
  • 'Key selling'

More information about tenancy fraud is available from the Shelter website - - social housing fraud.

The punishments include losing your home, a maximum fine of £50,000 or criminal conviction. You can also discuss your circumstances in confidence if you have any concerns. If you suspect someone is committing tenancy fraud you can report via the form below.

Report a fraud against the councils

If you want to report a fraud to us, all the information you provide will be treated with strict confidentiality. You don't have to give us your name and contact details; however this can be useful if we require further information from you. You can report a suspicion of fraud in the following ways

  • Online, using our reporting form below
  • By free telephone call to our hotline, on 0800 731 7039