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Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Infrastructure Delivery Plan and Regulation 123 List

If you have any queries regarding CIL please contact us on the following: for Lewes related CIL enquiries for Eastbourne related CIL enquiries

Infrastructure can be defined as the basic requirements for the satisfactory development of an area and can include:

  • roads
  • schools
  • community services
  • sports and leisure facilities 
  • green spaces
  • health facilities

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) income will be targeted to address infrastructure priorities identified in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) and the Regulation 123 List.

Regulation 123 List

The Regulation 123 List identifies infrastructure projects that could be wholly or partially funded by CIL. The primary purpose of the list is to set the priorities for CIL spending and ensure there is no duplication between CIL and other infrastructure payments such as Section 106 agreements. The list is produced in partnership with infrastructure providers and includes items from the IDP schedule that are critical to the delivery of the Core Strategy. We have produced some guidance on the bidding and spending process for CIL that you can download below.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan demonstrates the need to adopt a CIL, to ensure developers make a financial contribution to much needed infrastructure.

Projects identified on the IDP will be considered for funding through CIL following adoption of CIL by both Eastbourne and Lewes Councils in 2015. Projects may include the provision of new infrastructure, or the improvement, replacement, operation and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Both the Regulation 123 List and the IDP are live documents. They will be updated over time as infrastructure needs change and more information becomes available.

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Last modified on 08 February 2023