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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Design and heritage guidance

We have written a number of specific design and conservation guidance documents to help you with your scheme. Before submitting a scheme to us you should read the relevant design and conservation guidance documents and use this information to inform the design of your proposal. Submitted schemes that have followed these guidance documents will assist us in making a decision on your proposal and are more likely to be considered suitable.

Windows in historic buildings  

Windows have a significant impact on the character and appearance of a building, through their arrangement, size and detailing. They are an important element of the design of a building and can give information about its origins and development. The design of windows are of real importance to the character and appearance of historic buildings, particularly those that are listed or situated within a conservation area.

The guidance document below provides advice on how to approach windows in historic buildings. This was specifically written in relation to Lewes district but the general advice applies equally to Eastbourne borough. The guidance helps to ensure that the character, appearance and integrity of our historic buildings and conservation areas are preserved or enhanced.

Signs and advertisements

Where permission is required for signage or advertisements it is important that the design, materials, colour and positioning are appropriate in relation to the building and area. Inappropriate and unsympathetic signage can have an extremely detrimental effect on the character of an area or building if not carefully considered.

Lewes District Council

Heritage Statement Template (Word doc) [81KB]
Listed buildings - an owner's guide - Lewes District Council (PDF) [197KB]
Shopfronts and advertisements in Lewes (PDF) [2MB]
Shopfronts and advertisements in Seaford (PDF) [381KB]
Windows in historic buildings guidance note - Lewes District Council (PDF) [329KB]


Eastbourne Borough Council

Heritage Statement Template (Word doc) [81KB]
Eastbourne Townscape Guide Part 1 (PDF) [4MB]
Eastbourne Townscape Guide Part 2 (PDF) [158KB]