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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Responsible dog ownership

Your dog must have proper identification with a suitable collar and clearly displayed tag under the Control of Dogs Act 1992. Microchipping is also a very useful permanent form of identification, but remember that it is not an alternative or replacement for the requirement for a collar and tag.

Dog control penalties

Dogs must be kept under control at all times. Owners can be prosecuted for allowing dogs to bite people or attack other animals. Visit GOV.UK for information on controlling your dog in public and penalties.

Paws on watch (within the Lewes district only)

Do you regularly walk a dog? Are you a responsible dog owner? Would you like to help keep your area safe? If so, then Lewes District Community Partnership needs you.

Paws on watch is a project that is recruiting responsible dog owners who regularly walk their dog, to look out for and report anything suspicious or unusual to Sussex Police. In addition to this and, if you are able to, you could challenge dog walkers who do not clear up after their dog and offer them a poo bag.

Members will receive a badge for themselves, and a tag for their dog's collar, as well as a membership card with important contact details including Sussex Police, as well as personal safety advice.

Recruitment has already begun, and the scheme has been very popular so far. Contact us to join the scheme:

Contact us

Neglect and cruelty

Complaints about animal cruelty and neglect are dealt with by the RSPCA.

If you are concerned about the welfare of an animal, to report a mistreated, neglected, injured or distressed animal contact the 24-hour RSPCA Cruelty line - telephone 0300 1234 999.

The RSPCA also have a general advice and information line: 0300 1234 555

There is a Rehoming centre at Patcham which you can contact directly: 01273 554218.

Dangerous dogs

Incidents may also occur with dogs which may require some help and advice. We advise owners on correct handling of their pet and can take action if required.

Dog on human attacks

If you are attacked by or encounter a dangerous dog or a dog which is considered to be out of control in a public place then you should contact the Police with all the relevant details:

Dog on dog attacks

When reporting an incident, please provide if known, the address of where the animal lives or where you encountered the dog and an account of what happened along with the description of the dog and any contact details of witnesses. Dogs in gardens who jump up at the fence and bark as people pass would not normally be considered to be dangerous.

Dog on dog attacks within Lewes:

If a dog attacks another dog, our Animal Control Officers can investigate the incident. Take down the following information:

  • date
  • time
  • location
  • details of the dog owner if known

If the dog requires veterinary treatment please keep a copy of the invoice and a photograph of any injuries if possible. The officer will investigate the complaint and may take witness statements.

Suitable ways of resolving the complaint will be discussed. This could include a formal written agreement with the offending dog owner to keep their dog under control. The way the complaint will be investigated will be dependent on the nature of the attack and extent of injuries.

Dog on dog attacks within Eastbourne:

If you witness a dog attack within the Eastbourne borough, you can use our online form to report concerns about a dog's behaviour in a public space.

This can include:

  • Dogs roaming off the lead
  • Dogs not being controlled appropriately in a public space
  • Dogs acting aggressively towards other dogs or people

Start now

Stray dogs

If you find a stray dog or are an owner looking for a lost dog, you can report found and lost dogs to us online:

Report lost and found dogs

If you find a stray dog, we will ask you:

  • the breed of dog (if known)
  • the colour and size
  • if it is a male or female (if known)
  • where you found the dog and the approximate time
  • where you are so that we can come and collect the dog

If you lose a dog, we will ask you:

  • the breed of dog, if known
  • the colour and size, if known
  • if it's a male or female
  • where the dog went missing
  • its name, whether it has a collar and ID tag and if the dog is micro-chipped

For out-of-hours services only, call:

  • 01323 410000 (if you are within the Eastbourne area)
  • 01273 471600 (if you are within the Lewes area)


Safety tips for controlling your dog

  • Special care must be taken in areas where children play
  • If a dog has a suspect temperament, keep it on a lead and muzzle it when in public
  • Keep dogs in when the postman and refuse collectors are due
  • Make sure fencing is adequate and dogs cannot escape.All dogs should be on leads on roads
  • Dogs must never worry livestock. Even letting your dog walk in the same field as farm animals may be considered as worrying. The farmer is entitled to kill your dog if it is worrying livestock


Local dog control orders (Eastbourne only)

Any person who commits an offence is liable to prosecution or a fixed penalty fine of £75.

You can now report a dog control problem to us online.

Eastbourne has local Dog Control Orders to ensure responsible dog ownership and to protect the town's environment. We also offer advice and assistance to dog owners to help them abide by these laws.

Dogs on leads

In Eastbourne dogs must be kept on a lead between 1 May to 30 September throughout the entire seafront, on the promenades from Holywell to Langney Point.

However, dogs need not be on leads on the Western and Middle Parades, as long as no inconvenience is caused to anyone else.

Dogs must be kept on a lead all year round in the following areas:

  • Sovereign Harbour (Southern Marina)
  • Manor Gardens
  • Motcombe Gardens
  • Lakeside area of Hampden Park and Princes Park
  • Howard Square
  • Wilmington Square
  • Grassed cliff top areas adjoining King Edwards Parade
  • The grounds of Ocklynge Cemetery
  • The Crematorium and Cemetery at Hide Hollow, Langney


Poop Scoop

Poop Scoop requirements apply to all land open to the air to which the public have access, including:

  • All roads, footpaths, verges, walkways and passageways
  • Parks and gardens, including the woodland area of Hampden Park
  • Recreation and sports grounds
  • Open amenity areas including the downland estate.
  • Surface area car parks
  • Beaches and promenades

It is an offence for anyone to fail to remove dog faeces deposited by a dog for which he or she is responsible. You must remove any mess caused by a dog under your control.

Dog poo fairy (Eastbourne Borough Council)

Our new dog fouling awareness campaign in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy encourages irresponsible dog owners to clean up after their pets. The campaign aims to tackle the problem of increasing amounts of bagged dog faeces being left behind as people fail to dispose of their bags properly after cleaning up after their pets.

You can use the many dog bins provided around the town, or any rubbish bin will do. You can download a list with the locations of dog bins below.

Pick up your free poo bag

You can pick up your free poo bags from Eastbourne Seafront - look out for the Dog Poo Fairy posters at venues along the seafront


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Last modified on 15 May 2023