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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

4 Nuthatch Road Eastbourne BN23 7RN

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Address4 Nuthatch Road Eastbourne BN23 7RN
Issuing authorityEastbourne Borough Council
Notice typeEnforcement notice
Date notice issued25 January 2016
Date notice served25 January 2016
Date notice effective01 March 2016
Compliance due by01 June 2016
The breach of planning control or condition, or activity prohibited by a Stop Notice

Without planning permission, the keeping of pigeons at the address, housed within purpose made structures within the rear garden of the property, which due to the size of the flock (up to 50 pigeons including breeding and racing stock), the size of the structures within the curtilage of the property and the location of the property within the suburban area, is considered excessive, and not incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse.

Requirements of the noticeReduce and maintain the number of pigeons kept at the property to a maximum of 20. 
Reduce the capacity of the structures as identified as A, B and C on the plan entitled 'POSITION OF PIGEON LOFTS' (to be read in conjunction with the associated 'Location Plan') attached to this notice, or the number of structures A, B or C, resulting in the reduction in overall capacity of the remaining identified outbuildings for the purpose of accommodating no more than 20 pigeons thereafter.
Requirements of the notice3 months
Outcome of appealEnforcement notice upheld
Date notice was complied with29 June 2017


Planning Enforcement Order Cases

CaseThere is no planning enforcement order case for this address