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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

47 Rodmill Drive Eastbourne BN21 2SW

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Address47 Rodmill Drive Eastbourne BN21 2SW
Issuing authorityEastbourne Borough Council
Notice typeEnforcement notice
Date notice issued02 November 2016
Date notice served02 November 2016
Date notice effective 
Compliance due by 
The breach of planning control or condition, or activity prohibited by a Stop NoticeThis Notice is served principally for the detrimental effect it is having on the property and the wider area. These effects are summarised in the following points: 
• The structure is highly visible from the highway and the surrounding area 
• The change from garden to raised parking area significantly affects the character of the host property as well as that of the street scene 
• Negative impact on outlook from the host property and 45 Rodmill Drive 
• Intrusive and unneighbourly development 
Furthermore, a similar scheme was submitted to and refused planning permission by Eastbourne Borough Council in 2010, having been found discordant with Policy HO20 of the Eastbourne Core Strategy and UHT1 of the Borough Plan Saved Policies. This decision was appealed by the applicant and the appeal subsequently dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate in 2011 and the proposal was found discordant with both of the aforementioned policies.
Requirements of the noticeThe works must be demolished, all waste material removed from the site and the garden returned to its former appearance and ground level.
Period for compliance 
Appeal grounds 
Date appeal lodged 
Date appeal decided (notice effective) 
Date appeal withdrawn 
Outcome of appeal 
Date notice compliance required on or before 
Statement of the requirements of the notice as Varied 
Date notice was complied with 
Date notice withdrawn 


Planning enforcement order cases

CaseThere is no planning enforcement order case for this address
Applying authority 
Date of order 
Start date of enforcement year 
End date of enforcement year 
Details of any postponement 
Date of final determination or withdrawal of action 
The apparent breach of planning control identified in the order 
Location of breach of enforcement notice or breach of condition notice in Register 

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Last modified on 20 July 2023