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Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

24 Sevenoaks Road Eastbourne BN23 7LZ

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Address24 Sevenoaks Road Eastbourne BN23 7LZ
Issuing authorityEastbourne Borough Council
Notice typeEnforcement notice
Date notice issued18 September 2017
Date notice served18 September 2017
Date notice effective 
Compliance due by 
The breach of planning control or condition, or activity prohibited by a Stop Notice

On 12th July 1973 planning permission was granted by the Council under reference number EB/1973/0595 for the Erection of 12 terraced houses and garages and construction of road connection between Sevenoaks Road and Langney Rise, subject to conditions.

Condition 8 provides  that "No fences, hedges, gates or walls shall be erected or grown between the proposed highway and the front building lines of the proposed dwellings."

It appears to the Council that the condition is not being complied with, because fences have been erected between the highway and the front building lines of the dwellings on both Reynolds Road and Sevenoaks Road the approximate position of which is shown for identification purposes in blue on the attached plan. The fences are shown in attached photographs 1 to 4. 

Requirements of the notice1. Permanently remove the boundary fences (including posts, panels and any other fixing associated with the fences)  identified by a blue line on the plan and shown in photographs 1 to 4 attached to the Notice 
2. Permanently remove any resulting material from the land.
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Date appeal withdrawn 
Outcome of appeal 
Date notice compliance required on or before 
Statement of the requirements of the notice as Varied 
Date notice was complied with 
Date notice withdrawn 


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