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Lewes District Local Plan 2003

The Lewes District Local Plan was adopted in March 2003. Some of its policies have now been replaced by the policies of the Lewes District Local Plan Part 1: Joint Core Strategy 2010-2030, adopted on 11 May 2016. Its remaining policies are currently under review and will eventually be replaced by the Local Plan Part 2:Site Allocations and Development Management Policies DPD.

Implications of the National Planning Policy Framework on the Lewes District Local Plan 2003

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published on 27th March 2012. As a consequence, we reviewed the 'saved' Local Plan 2003 policies to determine whether they are consistent with the NPPF. A report was approved by the Council's Cabinet on the 17th April 2012. It is intended to provide clarity as to how the District Council will utilise the 'saved' Local Plan 2003 policies in the determination of planning applications. The first attachment is the Cabinet report in question. The second attachment presents a summary of an assessment of our 'saved' Local Plan 2003 policies against the NPPF.

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See further information on the Lewes District Local Plan using our interactive service. We recommend you read the user guide should you need help.

Saved Local Plan Policies

Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, adopted structure and local plan policies are saved for three years from whichever is the later of:

  • the date of the commencement of the Act (28 September 2004), or
  • the date the plan was adopted
  • Saved policies are reviewed annually as part of the Annual Monitoring Report

List of Local Plan saved and not-saved policies

Adopted Neighbourhood Plans

Four neighbourhood plans in the district have been formally 'made' and thus form part of the development plan for the district.  Further information, including the adopted neighbourhood plans and supporting documents, can be found on the  page.

Change in AONB policy

The Sussex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designation was revoked when the designation of the South Downs National Park took effect on 31st March 2010.  Consequently, Local Plan Policies CT2 and E16 are no longer applicable and Policies ST25 and ST29 now only apply in relation to development within Conservation Areas.

Further information about the South Downs National Park is available on our website.

Change in Parking Standards for developments

On 13 June 2013, Lewes District Council approved East Sussex County Council's 'Guidance for Parking at New Residential Development' and 'Guidance for Parking at Non-residential development' as a means of assessing parking provision at proposed developments in those areas of the District outside the South Downs National Park.  This new guidance can be viewed online at East Sussex County Council Planning Applications Enforcement or alternatively contact the Transport and Environment department at East Sussex County Council on 0345 60 80 190.

The 2002 document titled 'Parking Standards at Development' has been formally rescinded by the County Council.