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Cardboard is a very common packaging material and is both easy to reuse and recycle from delivery boxes, food packets to greetings cards.


Choose refillable containers


Boxes can be used for all sort of storage and crafting ideas

Recycle - in your household recycling bin

Yes please

Make sure boxes are clean, empty and flattened. 

If you have large boxes or pieces then flatten and cut down to size for your bin. 

Pizza boxes can be recycled as long as there isn't any food residue left in them

Greeting cards without glitter on can also go in.

Other information

Take to an East Sussex County Council run Household Waste and Recycling Site

Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo if you want to purchase cardboard that comes from a sustainable source Forest Stewardship Council UK

Refuse bin

No thank you

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