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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Disposable nappies

Disposal nappies make up a large proportion of our rubbish and cause a real problem if not disposed of correctly.

Reduce and reuse

Use cloth washable alternatives such as Cheeky Wipes

If you live in Lewes district you can apply for a voucher to try out Cheeky Wipes products: Cheeky wipes voucher offer for Lewes district

Recycle - in your household recycling bin?

No thank you

Other information

Items such as wipes, nappies and cotton buds are the scourge of our sewers - they create blockages, cause flooding in homes and damage the environment. Check out the Unflushables campaign and the Bag it and Bin it campaign

Refuse bin

Yes, double wrapped to stop Gulls and other wildlife being attracted to them and causing litter.

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