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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district


Paper is a common material used for all sorts of items and is very easy to recycle provided it is clean and not wet.


Reduce unwanted junk mail by joining the Mail Preference Service MPS

Avoid printing if you can

Use both sides of a sheet of paper

Use a small home white-board or chalk-board for writing to-do-lists on

Buy reusable wrapping paper alternatives


Use wrapping again

Use for various arts and crafts

Recycle - in your household recycling bin

Only Books, Catalogues, Directories, Envelopes, Junk Mail, Letters, Magazines, Newspapers, Office paper, Wrapping paper.

Shredded paper is accepted in your kerbside recycling as long as it is contained in a clear bag. When we collect your recycling, if the shredded paper is loose, this might allow the shredded paper to blow down the street which would be very difficult to clean up. Please only shred personal or sensitive information and don't forget to tie the bag. Paper that is not shredded is easier to collect, transport, sort and recycle.

Refuse bin

Only Baking paper, Kitchen roll paper, Metallic wrapping paper, Paper tissues, Plastic coated paper, Plastic laminated paper, Wet paper

Other information

Take to an East Sussex County Council run Household Waste and Recycling Site

Find out how paper is recycled here Paper - Recycling Process

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