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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

13 Tor Road, Peacehaven, BN10 7SX

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Address13 Tor Road, Peacehaven, BN10 7SX
Issuing authorityLewes District Council
Notice typeEnforcement notice
Date notice issued13 May 2024
Date notice served13 May 2024
Date notice effective24 June 2024
Compliance due by24 August 2024
The breach of planning control or condition, or activity prohibited by a Stop Notice

The development is contrary to;

  • CP11 (Built and Historic Environment and High-Quality Design) of the Lewes District Local Plan Part 1 JCS 2010-2030 by reason of not conserving or enhancing the character along the street scene.
  • DM25 (Design), of the Lewes District Local Plan Part 2 by reason of its location, inappropriate design and height that has a detrimental impact along the street scene.
  • Paragraphs 59 and 135 of the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) by reason of its detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the land and its surrounding area.
  • POLICY EN2:Enforcement Policy Statement for Eastbourne Borough Council & Lewes District Council -General enforcement policy 2,The Council will exercise its powers in relation to enforcement that are granted under the provisions of the TCPA 1990 and other relevant Acts of Parliament, Orders, Regulations and Bylaws, to control unauthorised development effectively having regard to the significance and seriousness of the breach, the policies in Development Plan and all other material considerations.
  • POLICY EN8:Enforcement Policy Statement for Eastbourne Borough Council & Lewes District Council -Development without planning permission,where development has been, or is in the process of being, carried out without planning permission and is considered harmful.
Requirements of the notice

You must:

(i) Permanently reduce the height of the side boundaries to no more than 1 metre above ground level for 2 metres set back from the highway.

(ii) Permanently remove all resultant materials and debris from the Land.

Period for complianceTwo months from the date this notice takes effect.
Appeal grounds 
Date appeal lodged 
Date appeal decided (notice effective) 
Date appeal withdrawn 
Outcome of appeal 
Date notice compliance required on or before 
Statement of the requirements of the notice as Varied 
Date notice was complied with 
Date notice withdrawn 


Planning enforcement order cases

Applying authority 
Date of order 
Start date of enforcement year 
End date of enforcement year 
Details of any postponement 
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The apparent breach of planning control identified in the order 
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