When is my bin collection day?

Find your normal bin day collection. Read the guidance below:  

  • enter in your postcode into the search field and hit 'Search'    
  • you must select your address from the list
  • you must then choose 'select address' 
  • your bin collection dates will then load below your address. Please note we are updating our look-up service to include garden waste collections for Lewes district residents. In the meantime, if you are a resident of Lewes district, you can find your green garden waste collection days and dates here.
  • If you want to search a different address, select 'change address' and enter a different postcode into the pop out address look-up. 
  • In Lewes district food waste is collected at the same time as your weekly refuse collections. Sign up for food waste collections.

You bin collection days might be different over Christmas. Check Christmas collection changes here.

Recycling calendars

Eastbourne residents can download calendars from the Environment First website

Lewes district residents can download theirs on our recycling calendars page.