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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Public chargers for electric vehicles

Public Electric Vehicle (EV) car charging points are in the process of being installed in car parks across Eastbourne and Lewes District. The chargers are 7kw chargers and all EV charging bays will allow a 4-hour stay.

These installations are being completed by our contractors Connected Kerb, who we have a 15-year agreement with for repairs and provision of electricity to these points.

Only EV Vehicles can use these bays, and customers will still need to pay to park even if they are charging their vehicle.

There are also charges applicable for the use of electricity when charging a vehicle and signage will be displayed around the EV Car Charging points to display the charges that customers will incur.

Connected Kerb charge point locations:


In Eastbourne, there will be 18 electric vehicle bays across three car parks:

  • Hyde Gardens
  • Redoubt (next to Treasure Island)
  • Devonshire Park 

Lewes District

In Lewes District, there will be 64 electric vehicle bays across 11 car parks:

  • Friars Walk - Lewes
  • West Street - Lewes
  • Mountfield Road - Lewes
  • Sutton Road - Seaford
  • Saxon Lane - Seaford
  • West Street - Seaford
  • Bay Vue Road - Newhaven
  • Lower Place - Newhaven
  • Phoenix Causeway - Lewes
  • Little East Street - Lewes
  • Barcombe Car Park 

How to use the charge points:

For instructions on how to access the chargers, you can watch the instructional video from Creative Kerb by visiting their webpage - How to use Creative Kerb charge points.

You can download the Connected Kerb app via the App store or Google Play to locate charge points near you and start charging.

Using the Connected Kerb App, you can either:

  • Locate and tap the QR code icon that's in the middle & at the bottom of the app
  • Locate the QR code icon on the Connected Kerb label that's on the charging point
  • Position the icon within your camera frame and the charging session will start when the LED turns blue
  • To stop charging, tap "stop charging" in the app and the LED will turn green


  • Enter the 4-digit ID number located on the Connected Kerb label in the search bar at the top of the app, the LED will turn blue
  • To stop charging, tap "stop charging" in the app and the LED will turn green

Reporting issues:

Any enquires concerning repairs to the charging points or payments need to be directed to Connected Kerb by using theirĀ online contact form.