Noise, nuisance and anti-social behaviour

Our residents should be able to enjoy peaceful enjoyment of their homes.  We work with residents to tackle any anti-social behaviour that causes a nuisance to others and will work with other partnering agencies to take appropriate action and support our residents.

We know that pleasant, safe communities and neighbourhoods free from anti-social behaviour are good places to live.

We will work with residents and other local agencies to provide the best possible environment for you to live in.

You have a responsibility to respect your neighbours and the local environment and be aware of and keep to the conditions of your tenancy. You are also responsible for the behaviour of your family, visitors and pets.

In consultation with tenants, we have agreed the following definition to encourage positive neighbourhoods: "Acceptable behaviour is behaviour that is considerate, responsible and reasonable and has regard for our neighbours and how our behaviour may affect them. It requires respect for our neighbours, our environment and our community."

We treat reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously and are committed to doing all we reasonably can to deal with and prevent anti-social behaviour. If you are experiencing any problems in your neighbourhood, use our online form to report it.

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Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

You can see copy of the Lewes District Council and Eastbourne Homes anti-social behaviour (housing) policy below.

We do not have any powers to deal with aircraft, road or railway noise, but if you are experiencing domestic noise from neighbours, noise from dogs or noise from commercial premises, you can ask your council to investigate this for you.  We cannot investigate a complaint of noise or anti-social behaviour without involvement and support from the person complaining, so this cannot be done anonymously. We will ensure your details are not shared with the person responsible without your knowledge.

If you wish to report problems with domestic noise from neighbours, noise from dogs or noise from commercial premises please contact us.

In many cases, issues with neighbours can be resolved by using the services of an independent service. Mediation can provide a very effective way of resolving conflict and avoiding problems form escalating.  Mediation is confidential and impartial and it doesn’t always mean that both parties have to sit in a room together as long as both parties agree to engage as the process is voluntary.

Homes First work with Brighton and Hove Mediation Service to support their Lewes District residents and with Mediation Plus to provide support to our Eastbourne residents.   Referrals can be made by the Neighbourhood Housing Team on your behalf and then the mediation service will contact you directly about the services that are available to support you.  Please contact us for further information. 

Help if conflict is affecting your household - fact sheet

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