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How to use our online forms

Guide to using our online forms and some of our most commonly asked questions.

We have tried to make our online forms as easy as possible for you to interact with and to navigate through. If you are having any issues with filling in the online forms, first try clearing the cache in your browser or using different website browser.  


Online forms can have multiple sections. Select Next to move forward to the next section or select Back to move to a previous section.

Saving and returning

You can save your progress in online forms by selecting Save. Your online form will automatically save when you move to the next section. You will receive a message when your progress has saved successfully.

If you are an Eastbourne customer, all your submitted and not submitted (saved) forms are under the Track It section. However, you will be prompted to sign in to My Account to access Track It.

You can return to a previously saved form by going to Track It and ticking the Not Yet Submitted option. Then select the relevant saved form from the list displayed.

Date fields

Select the calendar icon to select the required date. You can free type the date but it must follow this format DD/MM/YYYY.

Drop down lists

You can open a dropdown list by selecting it. The list will then appear and you will need to pick the appropriate answer.

Looking up addresses

You can search for an Eastbourne or Lewes address by entering the post code or street name, then selecting Look up address.

You will be presented with a list of addresses; address results may run over to another page. Select the correct address. You will then move on to the next part of the form.

Alerts and help

If you type an invalid entry you will be alerted automatically. For example, you will be alerted if you type your national insurance number using an incorrect format.