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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Noise nuisance

Mediation services to help with noise nuisances in your neighbourhood, and when we can help with unreasonable noise.

Noise nuisance can be defined as:       

  • loud music   
  • noise from neighbours
  • barking dogs
  • alarms
  • machinery, construction and DIY
  • pubs, clubs, commercial and industrial premises

Before you contact us we always suggest you talk to your neighbours first to try to resolve any problems. Often they are not aware they are causing a problem.

If this does not work or is not possible you should consider using mediation. Lewes residents can contact Brighton and Hove Independent Mediation ServiceEastbourne residents can contact Mediation Plus.

If talking to your neighbours or mediation does not solve the problem, we may be able to help. To be a nuisance, noise has to be unreasonable to an average person. When considering what is unreasonable we take account of:

  • the type of noise
  • how loud it is
  • how often it occurs
  • the time of day it occurs

Something that occurs very rarely for a short time is unlikely to be a nuisance.

Report a noise problem in the Lewes district or in Eastbourne

To report a noise nuisance, complete our online form:

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